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Patriot Day at the Ballpark

Last Sunday (September 11th) we attended another Ranger game since we were in DFW for so some college football on Saturday. I’m so glad we got to spend Patriot Day at the Ballpark in Arlington and not at home watching the images of 9-11 over and over again on TV. It’s just so sad what happened on that day, but the ballpark had a nice little memorial session before the game started.

The National Guard came to hold the flag.

I think this was taken between a moment of silence and the National Anthem.

There was greatly enhanced security getting into the ballpark. I didn’t think too much of it until there were longer security lines at all the entrances and it clicked in my head. They checked my purse much more thoroughly this time than the last. I had to open every zipper pocket and even my little makeup back to show him all my tubes of chapstick. Billy was randomly selected for the metal detector search which we both saw coming. We definitely didn’t mind the extra security, and it didn’t really slow things down too much either. After you made it into the ballpark they gave everyone a free Rangers hat which is actually really nice. The Rangers really have the fan appreciation thing down pat.

Billy sporting his patriotic Rangers hat. Fancy, huh?

We had great seats in the shade and the temperatures were a little cooler over the weekend. It was perfect! I felt a little extra patriotic that day, too. Everyone was cheering all the military members, waving their flags, and wearing their red, white, and blue. Of course the Rangers are red and blue so maybe that’s cheating a little. Anyway, it was still a great way to spend the day.

We got to see Adrian Beltre hit his 300th career homerun!

They already had the banner made and rolled it out after the homerun.

We won 8-1! Yay!

It was such a fun day. I’m glad I get to have fun, happy memories of the 10 year anniversary on September 11th. 🙂


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College Football!

This past Saturday we attended the first football game at UNT‘s brand spankin’ new Apogee Stadium. It was such a great experience to be there for the first football game. Everyone was so excited to be there and see all that the new stadium had to offer. There were quite a few fans from the University of Houston there, too.

Also, I do realize that UNT has a crappy football team and is in a crappy conference. Hopefully our new coach will change things around in the next few years. I have hope for my school! Our athletics programs are growing a lot, but I wish we got better recognition than we do. UNT is the 4th largest university in Texas behind UT, A&M, and UofH. Oh well.

Here’s the view walking up to the stadium and tailgating area.

There was a band singing Texas country music as usual. Side note: I don’t like country music.

Here’s the Alumni Pavillion for us old people to hang out before the game.

Inside the pavilion. Fully equipped with TV’s and beer.

Another pavillion shot from the patio area.

Group photo – I have mad photog skillz, yes?

This was our first time having to actually buy tickets to the game and we just bought the general admission tickets. We could sit pretty much anywhere, but we weren’t sure if we wanted to sit in the student section so we hung out in the endzone for a while. It was actually a pretty good view!

Yay! Game time!

They had a lot of good food options at the stadium like Rudy’s BBQ, Beth Marie’s homemade ice cream, and Sonic! OMG Sonic! That cherry limeade was so good!

How about a creepy excited face for some SONIC at the game! YUM!

Band, student section, and visitors side.

Home side – I’ve never seen this many people at a UNT game before. Sad, I know.

We scored the first touchdown! Boomer the Cannon is the smoke in the background.

Having fun! (You can tell Billy loves pictures)

So at halftime we decided we wanted to check out another view so we headed to the top of the student section for the remainder of the game. We actually got to talk to a few friends that are still in school so that was nice to catch up.

UNT Green Brigade Marching Band

Andddd basically the second half of the game was a blur because we got out butts kicked. The first half was a crazy exciting and close game. Too bad our team totally lost it during halftime.

Singing the school song after the game.

23-48 OUCH!!!

I still love my school!


Take me out to the ball game…

Billy and I went to the Rangers vs. Angels game last Sunday and had a great time! I love going to the ballpark in Arlington – it’s such a nice stadium and has really good views.

On the upper deck checking out the views / baking in the sun.

Cowboys Stadium is right next door. I also had no idea I was standing next to a smoking sign when Billy took this picture. Oh well.

Here’s a better picture of the stadium from the ballpark.

The field is so pretty and green! I’m always amazed at the grass designs.

Here’s the view of the other end of the ballpark.

We were three rows from the very top. We sit somewhere different every time we go.

You can’t go to a baseball game and not have a hot dog! YUM!

Nom nom nom!

It was SO HOT until the sun went down. Crazy hair. No makeup. Red face. Sexy!

Our view was great! We were a little high up but we could see everything. I loved it!

They shoot fireworks when you hit a home run!

We did beat the Angels 9-5 so it was a pretty exciting game. Everyone was having a good time and dancing in their seats. It was really fun despite the heat. We are coming back in two weeks for a daytime game and I’m praying the weather is a little cooler by then. It probably won’t be since this is Texas and all, but I can dream about it, right?!