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College Football Wreath

I made this wreath during the first week of college football and wanted to share how I decided to put it together. It might be a little late if you’re wanting to make a football wreath, but you can easily change up the “flair” pieces to fit with anything.

When I decided to make a football wreath, it turned out a lot more difficult that I first thought it would be. Not because it’s difficult to make, but because I couldn’t decide what team I wanted to represent. Football is huge in our house, so we have a lot of teams that we cheer for. Our list of teams include: Green Bay Packers, Jacksonville, Jaguars, Texas Longhorns, Louisiana State University, and the University of North Texas. Given that those colors combined would look like a giant mess, I decided to go with our alma matter, UNT.

I originally wanted to do an all mesh wreath, but my local Michael’s store only had lime green and our school is more of a kelly green shade. Since the green mesh was out, I had to go with ribbon to get the right shade of green.

You will need, a wreath mold, ribbon to wrap the wreath mold, mesh, colored ribbon, footballs (or whatever accents you choose), and hot glue.

I wrapped my wreath in white ribbon so you wouldn’t see the brown wreath through the mesh. It just gives it a better look. Don’t spend a lot of time on this part because you don’t see this part of the wreath anyway.

This was my first time working with mesh and I wasn’t really sure how easy or difficult it would be to work with. It was surprisingly easy to work with. I started by hot gluing a small section down and them forming a poof or bubble and then hot gluing it down about 3 inches apart. Repeat until the front is covered.

For the green, I chose a wired ribbon so I could shape it easier. This part was easy because you just follow the mesh and hot glue the green ribbon down everywhere you glued the mesh down. Don’t worry about shaping the ribbon here because you still have more work to do. I find it’s easier to shape the ribbon at the end. After the green ribbon was on, I added a black accent ribbon because our football jerseys have black on them.

Once all your ribbon is glued to the wreath, it’s time to add your flair. I wanted to use brown footballs, but Michael’s only had these two-tone footballs in just about every color combo you can think of. These are the ones you typically put on homecoming mums. Once again, hot glue is your friend.

Now that everything is attached to your wreath, shape your wired ribbon to make it a little more wavy. Once that is complete, you can choose to hang it as is or make a loop out of ribbon to attach to the back of the wreath for hanging purposes.

My wreath hook is pretty large so I decided to use my extra green ribbon to make a hanging loop that extended down to put “Mean Green” on it. I wanted to incorporate either UNT or Mean Green on the wreath and this is what my husband voted for. Since I didn’t get any letters at Michael’s while picking up supplies, I had to resort to my craft box and found these black letters.

So here is the finished product! I took this photo at night with the flash on so it looks very shiny. I think what I love most about this wreath is that it’s very free form so there is no right or wrong. This can be easily altered to fit any occasion by changing up the colors or accent pieces.

So there you have it! GO MEAN GREEN!