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Recipe: Smothered Burritos

This week I decided I wanted to make something new now that I’m trying to get back into the kitchen since I have a little more energy these days. We’ve never made homemade burritos so I figured that would be something easy and different that I could do without too much of a mess. I made the entire thing in the crock pot and it was easy and delicious. We will definitely be having these again soon.

Smothered Burritos


  • 1 lb ground beef
  • Large burrito sized flour tortillas
  • 1 can refried beans
  • 1 can enchilada sauce of your choice. I used hatch chile red enchilada sauce.
  • 1-2 pkg of taco seasoning
  • green onions
  • shredded cheese


  • In a crock pot, add uncooked ground beef, taco seasoning, and just enough water to cover the meat so it doesn’t dry out while cooking.
  • I was home so I cooked on high for 2 hours and then low for 4-5 hours until we were ready to start making dinner. Cooking the meat on low for several hours is an option as well. It doesn’t take that long for the meat to brown.
  • Drain meat and rinse out crock pot.
  • Spread a layer of uncooked refried beans on the tortillas. I literally spooned it out of the can.
  • Add a layer of meat, green onions, and cheese.
  • Roll burritos and place in the crockpot.
  • Pour enchilada sauce on top of burritos and sprinkle some cheese on top.
  • Cook on high for 1 hour and enjoy.

Enjoy! 🙂


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Mexican Layer Dip

Alternately titled: How to get rid of things in your fridge: Mexican style


1 can refried beans

1 package taco seasoning

1 cup sour cream

1 cup guacamole

shredded lettuce (optional)

2 cups shredded Mexican blend cheese

1 large tomato, chopped (I did not use an entire tomato because one of my guests didn’t like a lot of tomato)



1)  In a small pan, heat refried beans on medium-low heat (I have a weird thing about beans straight out of the can, plus heating them makes it easier to spread on your platter)

2)  Mix in taco seasoning

3)  Smooth beans evenly on your platter or serving dish of choice

4)  Add a layer of sour cream, guacamole, shredded lettuce, cheese, and tomato



You can’t really mess up a Mexican layer dip. Feel free to add: pico de gallo, black olives, peppers, green chiles, green onions, or salsa. This particular dish was made with items in my fridge that needed to be eaten soon, so it was a great way to finish off that bag of shredded lettuce and cheese before it went bad.