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Week 30

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baby shower

How far along: 30 weeks as of last Sunday! (Posting a little late)

Total Weight Gain: 14 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: I bought some maternity shorts and a white shirt. Getting ready for summer!

Gender: BOY!

Movement: He’s still doing good with regular movements. There was one day that he just got in some kind of position that it felt like he was kickboxing my kidney or something out of nowhere. That startled me and hurt a little, but that was just a one time thing. It’s weird that I can feel exactly where he’s at and feel an arm or a leg moving around. I just hope he continues to be gentle with me.

Sleep: I had to add another pillow to my side of the bed for me to roll over on because I was continually waking up on my back. Now, I’m never flat and have been sleeping really good.

What I Miss: Not having random calf/foot cramps. It’s only happened maybe 3 times my whole pregnancy but I got one this week that hurt so bad. Billy was trying to get my foot to straighten out and it wouldn’t. Ouch!

Cravings: Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese

Best Moment This Week: MY BABY SHOWER! We had such a good turn out and the location couldn’t have been any better. Plenty of nice big fluffy couches and chairs to sit in so no one had to stand. I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to my sister-in-law, cousin, and best friend who hosted it for me. We received so many great gifts that we had to send some of the boxes back in my SIL’s car because they wouldn’t fit in our SUV. We are so thankful for all the gifts for our little one and I know we will definitely use them all. I’m still receiving gifts on my doorstep from out of town friends and family members, too! Our nursery definitely doesn’t look empty anymore! I’ll make a post only about the baby shower to post more photos and gifts we received later.


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