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Week 28

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28 weeks

I love purple shirt day! This is currently my favorite shirt. It’s so comfortable!

How far along: 28 weeks!

Total Weight Gain: 12.5 lbs. He has definitely been having a little growth spurt. I was really close to gaining over a pound last week but this week I did for sure.

Maternity Clothes: Now that my belly is getting a little bigger I’m starting to fit a little more into some of the clothes that were given to me. I still have a pretty large trash bag full of stuff I still can’t wear though. No worries. I think the next thing I’ll be on the lookout for is some shorts. I still haven’t bought anything this entire pregnancy except a dress and a cardigan. I just don’t see the point in spending outrageous prices for clothes you will only wear maybe two months and that’s it. Especially since I’m still wearing a lot of my regular clothes.

Gender: BOY!

Movement: OH MY GOSH! This boy can move. I had about two days this week were he just wore me out with all his activity. I just wasn’t prepared for an all day soccer practice inside. He’s now back to his regular schedule but I can tell he’s gotten a lot bigger. You can look down and see my belly move so that’s a little weird but very cool at the same time.

Sleep: It’s been good but I haven’t gotten as much as I would like this last week. I stayed up a little later than than I have been, but I think I caught up on some this weekend.

What I Miss: Lying on my stomach. It just occurred to me this week how long it’s been since I last slept on my stomach. I can’t wait to just be able to lay out on the floor and roll around with the dogs and play like we used to.

Cravings: Lucky Charms and milk. Lucky Charms are delicious but milk is the weird one. I’ve never been one that likes milk or even drinks milk unless it’s chocolate milk. That only lasted for about 3 days during the middle of the week and other than that I’ve been back to normal.

Best Moment This Week: Going to the doctor and hearing his heartbeat. It never ever gets old. His heartbeat is still at 150 just like last time and my belly measured 28 cm. I feel like we’re currently going through a growth spurt so I’m curious to see the numbers next week. I’m starting to feel large! haha

House Updates:  We finally got our new couch and we LOVE it! It’s exactly what I was looking for and it’s kid proof too. Everything comes off and is washable and I mean everything. The main cover, cushion covers, and pillow covers. We thought this would be the best route to go with a new baby because I know things will get spilled. I’m just glad we didn’t already have some fancy couch that I have to constantly be worrying about. We also purchased and hung up the curtains in the living room. I’ve been searching high and low for the right color and pattern and I’m so glad I found these ikat curtains. I’ll have to take a better photo once the lighting is right and post it next week.

New couch! Fully tested and Goat approved! (she literally took a mini cat nap on each cushion)

New couch! Fully tested and Goat approved! (she literally took a mini cat nap on each cushion)

She thinks we bought it for her. She hogs the middle seat every single day.

She thinks we bought it for her. She hogs the middle seat every single day.

Baby Gifts:  We also got our first two baby gifts in the mail! SUPER EXCITING! They were from people that are unable to attend my baby shower so they ordered online and had our gifts shipped. 🙂 We love them and I can’t wait to share everything we get on here but I’m going to wait until baby showers are over to post photos. Baby stuff is so fun though! I love it!

Nursery Progress:  This weekend the weather was absolutely perfect so we got a lot done at the house. Billy finally had a chance to finish all the touch ups in the nursery. It looks great and I love the color we picked. We also painted the old antique chest of drawers that’s going in the nursery. I’ll post before and after photos on a separate post once I get it 100% complete. I just have to finish the hardware and get that put on and it will officially be done. Billy found the fabric for our curtains that my cousin is going to make fur the nursery. I’ve been searching online and it’s been a major source of frustration for me because I just couldn’t find what I wanted and if I did it wasn’t the right color, size, or price so I’m glad to finally have the curtain issue taken care of. Note: this is one more reason why I love my husband. He knows exactly what I’m wanting and always keeps and eye out and usually we end up purchasing his picks! He’s a keeper. 🙂


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