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Conversations with strangers…

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I’m finally at that point where it’s obvious that I’m having a baby and strangers feel comfortable talking to us about it. So far we haven’t encountered any of the annoying people trying to give unwanted advice. Just people making funny and friendly conversation. Here’s some scenes from the last three days:


At the Lowe’s paint center:

Random middle aged guy: “Oh you’re in trouble now!”

Billy: “Haha… yeah”

Random guy: “You know she can’t paint the nursery but she’s going to love you painting that before you know it she’ll have you doing the entire house.”

Billy: “Yeah, hopefully not. Haha”

Random guy: “Oh yeah, next will be the living room and the kitchen and it never ends…”

We both got a kick out of that guy. He was pretty funny and laughing about the whole thing. Lucky for Billy we have so much going on that there isn’t much time to paint other rooms right now. 😉


Conversation with the Lowe’s cashier lady:

Cashier: “When’s the baby due?”

Me: “June 30th”

Cashier: “Do you know what you’re having?”

Me: “Yes, were having a boy.”

Cashier: “LUCKY”

haha… what?! We are thrilled that we are having a little boy but it just makes me wonder what her experience was to respond that way. Maybe she has lots of sisters or lots of girls at home. She’s a really sweet lady though. We always manage to get her as our cashier when we go in.


At Baskin Robbins:

I’m standing near the door eating my chocolate peanut butter ice cream with Billy standing next to me. A couple with their little boy were leaving. On the way out the lady looks down and notices my belly and catches Billy’s eye and says, “good luck” on her way out the door.

We thought it was funny and thanks random lady! 🙂


At Dickie’s BBQ:

Cashier Girl: “When’s you’re baby due? Is that awkward to ask? Haha”

Me: “No, June 30th”

Cashier: “Is it a boy or a girl?”

Me: “It’s a boy.”

Cashier: “Aw that sucks.”

We just laughed and then proceeded to discuss girls vs. boys. It ended up being a pretty interesting/funny conversation. I think she’s in high school and she is ALWAYS working when we come in. I don’t think she realized what she was saying when she said it but we weren’t offended.


I can only imagine we’ll get more comments the further along we go. Just as long as you aren’t one of those crazies I think I can handle it. I’ve heard all kinds of stranger stories from other pregnant friends. I hope those people stay away from me.


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