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Week 24

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At the Longview Museum of Fine Arts for Sammy and Bridget’s wedding reception.

How far along: 24 weeks as of last Sunday

Total Weight Gain: 8 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Just pants. I’m still wearing some of my old pants though. I feel like this is about to change very soon. The dress in the picture is a maternity dress I picked up on sale to wear to the wedding.

Gender: BOY!

Movement: Yes, he’s pretty active! Billy is able to feel him regularly now, too. My mom got to feel him for the first time this weekend. We went to a wedding on Saturday night and once the music was turned up he got really active. He’s definitely our little boy with how much we love music.

Sleep:  Great!

What I Miss: It’s getting harder to shave my legs. TMI… sorry, guys.

Cravings: Same stuff! I really wish I could put something else in this category one day…

Best Moment This Week: Going to Sammy and Bridget’s wedding on Saturday and getting to see so many friends and family friends that I haven’t seen in a while. It was really the first time a lot of people I know saw me pregnant. It was great getting to see everyone and know how excited they all are for our little baby boy. Also, congratulations to Sammy and Bridget!

We also went to one of those massive consignment sales and got a lot of clothes that were new with tags or barely used. I’ll definitely go back because you can’t beat the deals you can find there.


Best friends and the BIRTHDAY GIRL!

At the reception

At the reception

Checking out the artwork.

Checking out the artwork.

The grooms awesome cake! HOOK 'EM!

The grooms awesome cake! HOOK ‘EM!

My favorite thing at the museum! So pretty!

My favorite thing at the museum! So pretty!


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