the daily dixon

Week 22

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Left: Tuesday before the gender appointment. Right: A better bump pic!

Left: Tuesday before the gender appointment.
Right: A better bump pic! Bebe is the size of a papaya!

How far along: 22 weeks today!

Total Weight Gain: 7 lbs

Maternity Clothes: I’m getting a little more interested in the maternity dress pants I have for work. Besides that I still just wearing my regular clothes. I’m ready for it to warm up a little more so I can wear dresses and skirts!

Gender: BOY! We knew at 12 weeks we were having a little boy, but they didn’t want to make it official since it was so early. We actually ended up having two sonograms this week (Tuesday and Friday) and both sono techs and a doctor confirmed were having a boy. Most people were right. My office poll was 8-1 boy!

Movement: He’s an active little guy. Was always moving around during the sonograms and I’m feel much stronger movement now. It still tickles though.

Sleep:  Pretty good. This week has been more exhausting so it comes easy. Every time I wake up I’m on my back again. I thought I had finally gotten over that, but I guess not.

What I Miss: Spring! haha… I’m not really missing much from a pregnancy standpoint this week. I’m starting to notice more and more how much larger my belly is. It’s the little things like bending over, twists, turns, and bumping into things you never did before.

Cravings: Jalapenos and mustard. New this week would may be eggs? I had a craving for an omelet one day and then the next day I was really wanting a taquito from Whataburger. Luckily, I pass three of them on my way to work and had enough time to stop and satisfy that little craving. I haven’t really wanted anymore since.

Best Moment This Week: This was another big week! Definitely getting to find out the official gender was really exciting. Then, getting to see our baby again on Friday was pretty great. Saturday was our 6 year anniversary and it was such a nice relaxing day. One of my gifts was a prenatal massage Saturday afternoon and it was AMAZING! I definitely want another one of those in the near future. We had a nice quiet dinner and bought a few things for the nursery.  I’m excited about getting it all put together.


Goat has been doing great in the new house. She’s a lot more active and loves to explore which has also made her a little more demanding. Since Monday was a holiday and I was home all day with her, she was following me around giving me “the look.” I finally realized what she wanted…Goat

We’ve been taking her out frequently and she loves it out there. Since our sod is still settling in, she keeps wanting to go next door to eat the neighbors grass. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side… 🙂


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