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Almost all of my boys all in one pic!

So funny story about the picture… our dogs get really excited about pretty much everything so it’s practically impossible to get them to both sit and stare at the camera for a cute little photo shoot. At first I tied the balloon around Boudreaux (left) collar and he started walking away with it. Once he realized it was following him he started to run and got scared. It was so funny but sad at the same time. I quickly took the balloon off him and put it on Deuce (right) and of course he was cool with it. Nothing phases him, but Boudreaux wouldn’t go near him with that balloon on. We finally ended up with the photo above. We thought it was pretty funny. 🙂

We had a pretty good idea he was in fact a HE at our 12 week appointment, but it was too early to confirm. I was nervous that our little bebe wouldn’t cooperate and we would have to come back, but luckily he was very cooperative.

We are thrilled to finally know for sure that we are having a little boy and now the fun and planning really starts! YAY!


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