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Week 21

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21 weeks1

How far along: 21 weeks today!

Total Weight Gain: 5 lbs. Definitely a little growth spurt this week!

Maternity Clothes: Still not so much. I actually came across some more jeans while organizing clothes and found another pair that still fits!  Billy made the comment this week that the further along I get the more I’m wearing some of my older clothes. Maybe I’m just afraid I’ll never wear them again so I’m giving them one last joy ride. haha

Gender: TUESDAY!!! Any guesses?! I’d love to hear you’re vote!

Movement: It’s like night and day this week compared to last week. I’m feeling a LOT more movement now throughout the entire day. The funny part is that it actually tickles. The baby was moving around for about 10 minutes on Friday at work and I was having a hard time not laughing out loud at my desk.

Sleep:  Good! No weird dreams this week. I’ve actually been sleeping pretty hard this week.

What I Miss: I still don’t really miss anything. I feel like I jinxed myself last week because I have definitely felt pregnant this week. I’ve had a few growing pains this week and my stomach is definitely more out there these days. It’s so weird how some days are larger than other. The girls at work make me laugh because they always let me know when my stomach has grown. One day I was looking smaller and didn’t really look that pregnant in the clothes I was wearing and the girls said, “WHERE DID IT GO?!?!?” Haha

Cravings: Nothing new, just the same old spicy stuff. I really hope I don’t get heartburn down the road…

Best Moment This Week: Celebrating Billy’s birthday on Tuesday and then Valentine’s day on Thursday. We ate at Mr. Chopsticks on Tuesday and after that was when I really started feeling the baby move. Billy LOVES Asian food so it’s no surprise that the baby got excited about it, too.


These are the beautiful flowers Billy gave me on Valentine’s day. He always surprised me with something different every time I get flowers. He carefully selected these because they match the new artwork we got to hang in our bedroom. He’s so funny and sweet! 🙂


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