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Week 20

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20 weeks1

I just noticed my belly is a big as my butt now! Haha…lovely! Please ignore my frizzy hair. Today was rough!

Here's a happier photo! :)

Here’s a happier photo! Also, I’ve been wearing a lot of horizontal stripes…

How far along: 20 weeks as of last Sunday

Total Weight Gain: Still 3 lbs by my home scale. I had a little bit of a growth spurt this week and actually was hitting around 3.5 lbs throughout the week but the official weigh-in on Sunday was back to 3 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: I need to get my closet organized so I can unpack the other clothes that were given to me. Still kickin’ it in my regular clothes mostly!

Gender: ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW! February 19th! 🙂

Movement: Yes. Nothing super consistent but I am feeling things from time to time.

Sleep: Great! This was the first full week in the new house and usually I don’t sleep well in new places but I have slept great! I’m so glad. I did have a weird dream that my sister-in-law who is 3 weeks ahead of me in pregnancy had her baby and he came out the same size as my nephew who is 15 months. He also had a jerry curl which was odd. haha! My Dad decided to make an appearance in another dream last night. It felt like real life. I wish I could have more dreams like that.

What I Miss: Nothing really. I don’t feel pregnant at all. Since we found out everything has been completely normal with the exception of the tiredness during the first trimester.

Cravings: MUSTARD is new this week! I finally had to break down and just get a corn dog and it rocked my socks off! Oh, and don’t forget about the jalapenos and pickles! I ate a ramekin full of jalapenos on Saturday and it was amazing! Haha!

Best Moment This Week: Besides the corn dog drenched in mustard?!? It’s been a pretty good week all around. We are gradually getting more and more settled in the new house and Goat (my cat) is adjusting well to the new place, too. We put together the changing table so there is officially baby furniture in the nursery! YAY!


I think we’ll put together the matching crib this week!

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