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Week 19

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Baby is the size of a mango!

Baby is the size of a mango!

I’m posting this two days late and from my phone because we still don’t have internet at the new house. We should be up and running soon!

How far along: 19 weeks as of last Sunday

Total Weight Gain: 3 lbs by my home scale

Maternity Clothes: Since we were back and forth between the apartment and the new house I’ve just been making due. I have enjoyed wearing a few things I haven’t worn in a while before I lose the chance! Friday is jeans day at my work and I’m usually very excited about that. I’m now down to one pair on pre-pregnancy jeans that I can wear with no problem so it’s not as exciting anymore.

Gender: We will find out February 19th!

Movement: YES!

Sleep: Good! I’m not waking up nearly as much. I’m finally getting used to sleeping with this body pillow.

What I Miss: Not much on the pregnancy standpoint. Since we are in the middle of moving I miss having all my things in one location.

Cravings: Still going strong with peppers, pickles, and fresh fruits and veggies.

Best Moment This Week: Billy feeling the baby move! I’m so excited he is able to experience this with me.

We also moved our bed to the new house over the weekend so it’s fun getting to finally spend the night in our new house.


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