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Week 18

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Baby is the size of a sweet potato! :)

Baby is the size of a sweet potato!

How far along: 18 weeks as of last Sunday

Total Weight Gain: 2.5 lbs by my home scale

Maternity Clothes: Here and there. I’ve still been able to fit into a lot of my regular clothes except for pants. Still using the belly bands on those. Were attending a wedding in March and I bought a cute dress on clearance for $8! I don’t quite fill it out just yet, but by the time I need to wear it, it should fit fine.

Gender: 3 weeks from tomorrow! We will find out February 19th!

Movement: Still not feeling much right now. I’m ready though!

Sleep: No more stomach sleeping this week! I think I’ve finally broken myself of that, but I’ve seemed to have traded in for back sleeping. It’s not recommended to lay flat for long periods of time at this point so hopefully I can get used to being on my side soon. I have had some very vivid dreams this week though. My Dad was in one of them. I don’t remember the dream, but more of the feeling. That’s usually how that works when I dream of him. It was nice. Another night I had a really scary dream that haunted me from about 5-7 am. I almost had to wake up Billy because I was so scared. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again.

What I Miss: Not having limitations when it comes to lifting. I asked my doctor last week what my limitations were since we’re moving this week. She suggested I pack and have someone else move the boxes and not to lift more than 20 lbs. Needless to say, Billy is getting his workout this week.

Cravings: PICKLES! I’ve still been enjoying jalapenos or jalapeno flavored things, but I’ve kind of shifted more to wanting fruits and vegetables. I’m really enjoying blackberries and pineapple this week but I’ve always loved those so I don’t know if that counts as a craving.

Best Moment This Week: WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! I don’t know what gets much better than that. The entire process was smooth and easy. Closing was simple and we even managed to walk away with a check in hand. I’ve really enjoyed browsing stores and making house purchases with Billy.


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