the daily dixon

Week 17

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Hello bump! It gets larger after lunch. (Taken after lunch)

Hello bump! It gets larger after lunch. (Taken after lunch)

I went to the doctor today! It was a regular appointment so we didn’t have a sonogram today. The heartbeat was 150 bpm and she picked up a lot of movement from the baby on the monitor. My belly measured at 19 cm so I’m right on track with where I should be. The Dr. said I should measure around 15-19 cm for where I’m at, but since I’m so small (5’2″) I don’t have anywhere for the baby to go but out. Either way, everything looks great!

How far along: 17 weeks as of last Sunday

Total Weight Gain: 2 lbs by my home scale but 4 lbs at the doctor fully clothed and after breakfast.

Maternity Clothes: I’m mostly still using the belly bands to make my regular clothes last. I’ve been making  a point to wear some of my pre-pregnancy shirts since I won’t be able to wear them much longer.

Gender: We will find out February 19th!

Movement: I went to the doctor today and there was a LOT of movement. I feel something every now and then. Should start feeling more soon.

Sleep: A little weird this week. Early in the week I would roll over on my stomach and wake myself up because it hurt. I’ve woken up the last two nights on my stomach and felt fine. I really need to get used to sleeping on my side.

What I Miss: Clear skin! Enough said.

Cravings: Jalapenos and pickles. I had to break down and buy a jar of pickles today. It’s so strange since I didn’t eat pickles until I got pregnant.

Best Moment This Week: We had a snow storm this last week which caused me to be an hour late to work. Once I made it in, a few of the girls IMed me letting me now how glad they were that I made it safely. I had no clue they were watching to see what time I came in. I work with some pretty great people.

Also, I survived IKEA this weekend. We were scoping out things to buy for the new house. We didn’t get anything at IKEA just yet, but we did purchase new bedding, curtains, and some wall art. 🙂


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