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TV: Winter Premieres

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My friends are all coming back next week! Yes, I said it… my friends! I love these shows and I have watched them all from the beginning so it’s only natural for me to be overly excited about my shows coming back on TV! Here’s my current line up and the winter premiere date:


Revenge – Sunday, January 6


Pretty Little Liars – Tuesday, January 8


The Lying Game – Tuesday, January 8

private practice

Private Practice – Tuesday, January 8


Grey’s Anatomy – Thursday, January 10


Scandal – Thursday, January 10

Yeah, I know… I’m a bit of an ABC-fanatic but I love them!


One thought on “TV: Winter Premieres

  1. My wife is a big fan of private practice and sad it will soon end. We both like to watch Grey’s Anatomy, but know it cannot continue forever. I hope ABC can create some new stalwarts for these fading ones.

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