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Baby Love…

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Remember when I wrote this post when I spent an entire day in a hospital waiting room? Well, it’s about time I share with you part two…

On Monday, November 14th at 8:03pm my nephew was born!

Jaxen - 7 lbs. 15 oz. - 20 1/2 in. long

This was definitely one of the best days of my life. I can hardly put into words the excitement and love I felt on that day and everyday since Jaxen was born. I have been there for births of cousins and friends babies, but this birth tops them all. I stood in the window of the nursery and took approximately 500 photos while crying the entire time. I felt like my heart wanted to jump out of my chest and spread the love to everyone in the room. I’ve never had that kind of feeling over a baby before, but it felt so so good.

Once we were finally allowed back into the room we got to hold him for a little bit before we headed back home for the night. He’s so precious and tiny! I love him so much!

Aunnie Kelli

Uncle B

Hopefully someday we will be able to give this precious baby a cousin. Until then, I’m totally content with giving all my love, hugs, and kisses to my sweet nephew. I’m in love!


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