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A Hometown Bridal Shower


Back in August I hosted “the hometown” bridal shower for my best friend Sarah. She currently lives in the DFW area, but the wedding was in our hometown and she needed to have a shower here, too. I didn’t have a theme for the shower because that’s not really Sarah’s style. All of the wedding details were kept pretty traditional, so I tried to just roll with it for the bridal shower as well. The wedding colors were shamrock green and black, so we went with that for the tablecloths, fabric, and napkins.

The entry and guestbook:

Here is the setup for the food and beverage area:

The menu:

  • Cream cheese dip smothered in raspberry chipotle sauce and crackers
  • Turkey and ham pinwheels
  • Spinach quiche
  • Chicken salad and crackers
  • Mixed nuts
  • White chocolate covered pretzels
  • Fruit salad
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Cheesecake bites
  • Brownies


  • Green punch – a big hit!
  • Water with lemon
  • Coffee

We served finger foods that would be easy to eat and not very messy because we had a pretty large crowd. I wanted to keep it simple and I think our layout helped because everyone was able to walk around the entire table.

Sarah received a lot of really nice gifts and she only broke one bow! After she opened her gifts, they were displayed on the bed in the guest bedroom for everyone to get a closer look later if they wanted. It really turned out to be a nice shower and Sarah was very pleased with everything.

The bride and hostesses: Me, Sarah, and her Aunt Wendy


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