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Hello, October!

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Hello, October! I’m so glad fall is finally here. October is definitely my favorite month out of the year. The fall decorations and festive foods make me absolutely giddy inside! Here are a few fall things I pinned today:

Source: via Kelli on Pinterest


Croton plants have all the colors of fall and are perfect for decorating.


I’ve been getting the DIY itch lately and I think a ribbon wreath would be the perfect thing to make. I can’t decide on doing a fall inspired wreath or a football themed wreath to show our school pride.


This is a cute idea for an entryway, but you can paint just about anything on pumpkins.


This is another DIY project I want to do. So festive and fun for fall. I can’t decide if I just like the gold or if I want to do other colors.

Source: via Kelli on Pinterest


The possibilities are endless when it comes to Halloween treats. Don’t these look delicious?!

There has definitely been an increase of fall inspired pins on Pinterest this week. I can’t wait to see how everyone decorates and bakes this year!


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