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Patriot Day at the Ballpark

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Last Sunday (September 11th) we attended another Ranger game since we were in DFW for so some college football on Saturday. I’m so glad we got to spend Patriot Day at the Ballpark in Arlington and not at home watching the images of 9-11 over and over again on TV. It’s just so sad what happened on that day, but the ballpark had a nice little memorial session before the game started.

The National Guard came to hold the flag.

I think this was taken between a moment of silence and the National Anthem.

There was greatly enhanced security getting into the ballpark. I didn’t think too much of it until there were longer security lines at all the entrances and it clicked in my head. They checked my purse much more thoroughly this time than the last. I had to open every zipper pocket and even my little makeup back to show him all my tubes of chapstick. Billy was randomly selected for the metal detector search which we both saw coming. We definitely didn’t mind the extra security, and it didn’t really slow things down too much either. After you made it into the ballpark they gave everyone a free Rangers hat which is actually really nice. The Rangers really have the fan appreciation thing down pat.

Billy sporting his patriotic Rangers hat. Fancy, huh?

We had great seats in the shade and the temperatures were a little cooler over the weekend. It was perfect! I felt a little extra patriotic that day, too. Everyone was cheering all the military members, waving their flags, and wearing their red, white, and blue. Of course the Rangers are red and blue so maybe that’s cheating a little. Anyway, it was still a great way to spend the day.

We got to see Adrian Beltre hit his 300th career homerun!

They already had the banner made and rolled it out after the homerun.

We won 8-1! Yay!

It was such a fun day. I’m glad I get to have fun, happy memories of the 10 year anniversary on September 11th. 🙂


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