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College Football!

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This past Saturday we attended the first football game at UNT‘s brand spankin’ new Apogee Stadium. It was such a great experience to be there for the first football game. Everyone was so excited to be there and see all that the new stadium had to offer. There were quite a few fans from the University of Houston there, too.

Also, I do realize that UNT has a crappy football team and is in a crappy conference. Hopefully our new coach will change things around in the next few years. I have hope for my school! Our athletics programs are growing a lot, but I wish we got better recognition than we do. UNT is the 4th largest university in Texas behind UT, A&M, and UofH. Oh well.

Here’s the view walking up to the stadium and tailgating area.

There was a band singing Texas country music as usual. Side note: I don’t like country music.

Here’s the Alumni Pavillion for us old people to hang out before the game.

Inside the pavilion. Fully equipped with TV’s and beer.

Another pavillion shot from the patio area.

Group photo – I have mad photog skillz, yes?

This was our first time having to actually buy tickets to the game and we just bought the general admission tickets. We could sit pretty much anywhere, but we weren’t sure if we wanted to sit in the student section so we hung out in the endzone for a while. It was actually a pretty good view!

Yay! Game time!

They had a lot of good food options at the stadium like Rudy’s BBQ, Beth Marie’s homemade ice cream, and Sonic! OMG Sonic! That cherry limeade was so good!

How about a creepy excited face for some SONIC at the game! YUM!

Band, student section, and visitors side.

Home side – I’ve never seen this many people at a UNT game before. Sad, I know.

We scored the first touchdown! Boomer the Cannon is the smoke in the background.

Having fun! (You can tell Billy loves pictures)

So at halftime we decided we wanted to check out another view so we headed to the top of the student section for the remainder of the game. We actually got to talk to a few friends that are still in school so that was nice to catch up.

UNT Green Brigade Marching Band

Andddd basically the second half of the game was a blur because we got out butts kicked. The first half was a crazy exciting and close game. Too bad our team totally lost it during halftime.

Singing the school song after the game.

23-48 OUCH!!!

I still love my school!

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