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Burning Up

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Our area of the world is burning up this weekend. The news announced that tropical storm Lee would bring more fires to Texas than rain. I wish it wasn’t true, but they were so right. Just in East Texas alone, 8,000 acres have burned since YESTERDAY.

The red flames are all fires that started on Sunday.

We live in East Texas (between Dallas and Shreveport on this map) and are surrounded by fires. The temperatures outside are nice, but we are staying indoors this weekend. In every direction you look, you can see could of smoke and the sky is very hazy. It smells like we live in a giant campfire and I am starting to smell it a little in my house.

For a while yesterday, Interstate 20 was shut down because the fire was jumping across the road and you couldn’t see to drive. At one point last night we drove out to our friends house to check on it because he was at work and found out that one of the fires was at the end of his street in a large field. Tons of people are being evacuated from their homes and the fire departments are calling for help from any firefighters across the state. They are running out of fuel for their firetrucks and are in dire need of food and water.

We were outside last night with the sprinklers and water hoses trying to water our yard to protect it from the hot embers that are flying around. It seems like a lost cause, but I don’t know what else to do. It’s really very scary how quickly these fires are moving with the high winds we have been experiencing. We need rain desperately.

As of today (Monday) - Not all of the fires are marked on this map.

Image via KLTV 7 - Our local news station

Image via KLTV 7 - Our local news station

Image via KLTV 7's Facebook page - Bastrop, TX

This particular fire in the photo above is in the southern part of the state SE of Austin, TX. Can you imagine?! It looks like you are driving straight into hell. This fire has already destroyed 500 homes! If you are the praying kind, please pray for those fighting these fires and all of those affected by the fires. It is so so sad.

THANK YOU to all our firefighters out there!!


One thought on “Burning Up

  1. When we first moved to California we endured two fire seasons that nearly took our home. As a Texan, I was NOT used to this kind of ‘weather’ and was terrified. Sadly, I know just what you’re going through and pray you and your friends/family come out as lucky as us in the end. Stay safe and stay cool!

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