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Advice: Satisfaction Guaranteed?

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So about a year ago I went to Clinique to stock up on new makeup I was desperately in need of. It was the first time I had ever gone to a makeup counter to purchase everything all at once. {Yes, I do mean everything!} All of these years I have bought and tried new makeup products as I came across them or was in need of something new.

The beauty advisor applied my “new face” while I sat and observed her every move. I’m not exactly a makeup artist, so you understand why I was taking notes in my head. Approximately 1 hour later, I was satisfied with the look and was purchasing the majority of what she applied to my face. She told me all about their return policy as well as their satisfaction guaranteed policy. I just nodded, said okay, and pretty much blew off what she told me, because who really thinks about returning makeup after it’s purchased? {Not this girl}

Fast forward to last Sunday…

I decided to go back to Clinique because I was needing a new foundation, and I wanted to get something different than what I had been using. While I told the beauty advisor exactly what I was looking for, I also told her that I wasn’t really happy with the concealer I had bought before. Somehow it seemed to look good when the lady applied it before, but for the last year, I have barely even used it because I can’t get it to look right. I always feel like it’s making my eyes stand out and it’s just weird. I pointed out the All About Eyes Concealer 01 Light Neutral that I was given last time, only to find out that that was NOT the right color concealer for me. You see, the 01 Light Neutral shade has more of a “yellow” tone and she informed me that there was “absolutely no way” that I was an 01. Turns out I’m an 03 Light Petal… who knew! {Obviously not me or the last beauty advisor for that matter!}

Left: 01 Light Neutral, Right: 03 Light Petal

Sorry for the poor quality photo… I took it on my phone! Can’t you see how different the color really is?

I purchased the new foundation I was looking for and the new concealer and headed on my way as a satisfied customer. Then on the drive home, I got to thinking about how I have a whole tube of concealer that I’m not going to use because the lady gave me the wrong color. Then I was thinking about how it cost $15.50 and I wish I had my money back! Do you know what amazing things I could do with $15.50 in my pocket?! So as soon as I got home I quickly looked on Clinique’s website to read up on their return policy and then I remember about the satisfaction guarantee the lady told me about.

As stated on Clinique’s website:

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Clinique Online purchase, simply return the unused portion and we will be happy to remit your account for the full amount of the purchase.

Could this be the light at the end of the tunnel?! Well, I didn’t buy it online, so I would obviously have to take it back to the store, but do you think they will give me any problems with the fact that it’s a year later? Has anyone ever returned makeup to Clinique or anywhere else for that matter? Were you successful, or were you shut down? I don’t want to go up there and make a fool out of myself over some concealer, but it’s $15!!! That’s lunch… or gas… or new lip gloss… or money towards new shoes… the possibilities are endless!


One thought on “Advice: Satisfaction Guaranteed?

  1. Where did you buy it? If it was at a Dillard’s or Macy’s they have those stupid “proof of purchse” stickers and you have to have those to return anything. If it was Nordstrom you would likely have no issue. Can you return it to the sales associate who helped you out recently?

    If a store won’t take it back try calling the number on the website. I’ve used Clinique for many years and the customer service number has helped me out before. They gave me a credit to use online (and I don’t normally buy my Clinique online) but it was an acceptable solution for me. Good Luck!

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