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4 Month Rundown

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I realize I haven’t blogged in the last four months (oops!) but I have a perfectly good excuse! I would love to say that I’ve been busy doing something amazing like traveling all summer, but unfortunately my life is not that exciting! Here is the rundown of my not so exciting life these last four months:


  • Cat crisis begins with the Fuzz monster. Spent a weekend at the emergency animal hospital followed by a quick trip home, then back to the vet for surgery. $2000 later, Fuzz can pee again!

  • 14th – Moving Day! No, not into a house just yet, but into a larger apartment! Bonus: kitchen that can hold more than two people at a time!
  • 15th – My 25th Birthday! Celebrated with a birthday dinner at Chuy’s (yumm) and some bowling at Main Event!

  • Discovered I love tomatoes! New favorite: turkey, provolone, and tomato sandwich.
  • Grew wheat grass for my cats in an attempt to get them to stop eating my house plants.


  • 1st – Mom cam to visit! Got pedicures with my sister-in-law, her mom, and my mom!

  • SCHOOLLLLLLL…. seriously, I’ve had enough! Japanese essays, presentations galore, finals… everyday all day.
  • 15th – Helped one of my best friends move.
  • 17th – Started 1 of 5 summer classes – International Management aka 3 weeks of… fun.
  • 23rd – Season finale of LOST! Happy and sad at the same time.. I will miss that show!
  • 26th – Billy and I submitted our applications for GRADUATION!!!! 🙂
  • 31st – Memorial Day spent at the pool with friends!


  • 3rd – Finished Maymester – Hooray!
  • 4th – Celebrated my 3 year anniversary with my job! My boss bought me a sno cone!

  • 6th – Hung out with friends for the first time since their wedding… two years ago!
  • 7th – Started 2 more summer classes.
  • NBA finals and World Cup excitement all around
  • 23rd – Celebratory birthday dinner for a friend!
  • 26th – Trip to East Texas for my sister-in-laws baby shower! (left my camera at home… fail)


  • 9th – Finished up Summer I! Three classes down, two more to go!
  • 12th – Started Summer II classes
  • 13th – My daddy’s birthday! I miss him everyday…
  • 17th – Back in East Texas for Billy’s family reunion (double fail! Left my camera at home…again)
  • 20th – Cooked fish for the first time ever and enjoyed it. (I don’t eat seafood)
  • 26th – Received our passports in the mail 🙂
  • 28th – Saw a double rainbow on my way home from work.

So there you have it! With only 2 weeks left of summer school, hopefully I’ll be back to blogging on a more regular basis!


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