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Bye Bye Spring Break


Well friends, today is Monday, which means spring break is officially over. I think I just died a little inside. I realized today that this was in fact my last spring break I will have as a student. Too bad I didn’t go anywhere exciting. Maybe we can go on an amazing vacation after graduation in December. Suggestions, anyone?

In other news, while doing some blog reading this afternoon, I stopped by Kimmie’s blog and found out that I won her giveaway for a $50 Safeway gift card! Yay! What a great little pick-me-up for a Monday! Kimmie is one of my favorite bloggers, so you should definitely go check out her blog and her adorable cat, Gabby! Thanks again Kimmie! : )

Full Circle

Other than that, today has been a great day. I watched Dancing with the Stars, and I can’t decide on who my favorite is just yet. I think I’m a little on the fence about whether or not I like Kate Gosselin. She bugs me, but at the same time I’m a sucker for reality television so I like her. Did you all watch? Who are your favorites so far?

I hope you all have a great week! Especially those of you coming off of spring break! : )


3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Spring Break

  1. I just thought the comparison of Kate and Pam was funny… one was so innocent and naive and the other was so raunchy and sexy, LOL! I really liked Nicole and Evan, I think they can both go far! Awww I hate the feeling when a week long vacay is over.. .and it’s back to reality, so sad! =(

  2. A suggestion for a vacation after graduation ,,,,, Mexico like Playa or Cancun … they are reasonable and most places are all inclusive which is the best way to go =) !!!

  3. jon and kate + 8 use to be one of my fave shows… i think it will all down hill after the show peaked.

    i kind of felt sorry for her because she did so bad!

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